Awaiting the Return of Stand Up Comedy in RI

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Due to the outbreak, the RI Comedy Hall of Fame is unable to produce our comedy roasts and other presentations. We hope to be back in business soon. Thanks for your understanding.

Awaiting the Return of Stand Up Comedy

Comedians all over the country have been put out of work by the pandemic. At this point in time, restaurants across the US are beginning to open to outdoor, and very limited indoor dining. No one has a clue as to when live entertainment will return to venues, though rumors are running rampant.

I don’t expect professional stand up comedy to return anytime soon. That being said, I know of one open mic show in the state that began running just last week and I’ve heard rumors of the Comedy Connection opening to a crowd of 70 maximum customers at this point. That is approximately a third of what they usually seat. As I said, it’s a rumor, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

The RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Our planned events have been canceled for 2020. It takes months of planning to produce our popular comedy roasts and other events. It will be at least 2021 until we’re able to return. A vaccine may rush things along. We’ll do our best to keep you posted. Updates will be posted here as they become available. Please check back often.

Joe Hebert

Founder, RI Comedy Hall of Fame


Dinner Comedy in Woonsocket

Dinner Comedy at Savini’s Pomodors in Woonsocket

John Perrotta’s Comedy Factory is coming for you, Woonsocket!

Join us on Friday, April 12, 2019 at Savini’s Pomodors Restaurant, 476 Rathbun Street, Woonsocket, RI for our first dinner comedy show.

Appearing that evening in the lineup?

Doreen Collins from the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

The Prince of Mystery-The strangest act you will ever see

Rockin’ Joe Hebert- New England’s Top Musical Comedian and Founder of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

John Perrotta-Owner of John Perrotta’s Comedy Factory, Cranston. Has opened for Bill Burr and Tom Cotter.

Tickets are $40 and includes dinner, the show, tax and tip.

Do not miss this event. Call John Perrotta right now at (401) 639-7726 and reserve your seats today!

Comedy Night Fundraisers

Hire a RI Comedy Hall of Fame Comedian
Charlie Hall of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame
Charlie Hall of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Raise Money for your Cause with a RICHOF Comedy Show

Rhode Island has a couple of great choices when it comes to choosing a company for your group’s comedy night fundraiser. One of those options is to hire The RI Comedy Comedy Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame, (in conjunction with John Perrotta’s Comedy Factory), will put together a fantastic comedy show for your fundraiser, using a lineup of hilarious, experienced, professional comedians who will help you achieve your fundraising goals. We’ve been booking comedy fundraisers for over 25 years.

A Professional Comedy Night Fundraiser

Each 90 minute comedy  fundraiser show includes 3 pro comedians, and a top of the line Bose sound system. We will also assist you with your raffles at the end of the show.

Trust The RI Comedy Hall of Fame to provide top notch entertainment for your event. Call 401-390-7547

The Comedy Roast of Brian Vincent

Brian Vincent Roast


The RI Comedy Hall of Fame and John Perrotta’s Comedy Factory are proud to present, The Comedy Roast of Brian Vincent.

If you’ve never heard of Brian Vincent, join the club, but on the off chance you know him, mark your calendars for Sunday, November 4, 2018,  at 3pm (Doors open at 2pm), and join us for a no limits comedy roast with the area’s top comedy performers, including Ace Aceto, Bernie Perrotty, Tom Stewart, The Prince of Mystery and MORE! The evening will be hosted by RI Comedy Hall of Fame Roastmaster General, Rockin’ Joe Hebert.

Do not miss this tribute to a true barely-living legend.:

Ticket Information

Tickets are $15 and are available by calling  Brian at 401-323-4640 (There will be no sales at the door.

NOTE: Go to the roast and you’ll be home in plenty of time for the Patriots game at 8:30pm or The Walking Dead at 9pm.

The $200 Comedy Course Has Arrived

$200 Comedy Course


The $200 Comedy Course

If learning the business of stand up comedy is your passion, (or even if it’s just an item to cross off of your bucket list), you owe it to yourself to take The Comedy Factory’s $200 Comedy Course.

It’s 6 weeks of fun, (but intensive), workshops chock full of everything you need to kick off your comedy career. (See photo)  At the end of the course, you’ll be able to use your new skills by performing in front of a live audience for graduation.

Also, here’s a bonus that NO ONE will offer.

Every student WILL GET a PAID comedy gig at a future Comedy Factory Show.  (Your paid show will be booked, within 6 months of graduation.)

Enroll now. All you need is a phone. Call John Perrotta at (401) 639-7726 for payment options.

Makes a great gift for the holidays for yourself or someone you love

Cat Country’s Brian Mulhern to be Roasted in November 2017

Brian Mulhern

Mulhern to be Roasted by the RI Comedy Hall of Fame


On Sunday, November 5, 2017, The RI Comedy Hall of Fame will be roasting Cat Country Morning Man, (WCTK-98.1 FM’s) Brian Mulhern.

The question is: Why?

Quite honestly, we’ve run out of local celebrities to insult and since Gordon Fox will be in a halfway house, (and Gina keeps refusing us), we went with Mulhern. Our sincere apologies.

On the roasting dais that day?

RI’s own Frank O’Donnell will be hosting the event, Ace Aceto from the RI Comedy Hall of Fame will be speaking, along with the owners of Funny4Funds.comBill Simas & Mike Murray, from 94-HJY Paul and Al’s Show, Kevin Mulhern “Yes, he’s Brian’s brother”,The Rhode Show’s, Brendan Kirby , LITE-105’s Amy Carlson Pontes & 92-PRO FM’s Jessica Schiano. Brian’s friend, Jeff Hopkins from the Guggenheim Museum in NYC will be on hand to draw raffle winners and we’re also hoping that Carla Buonaccorsi Mulhern, (Brian’s wife and handler), will say a few words.

Brian’s charity of choice is The Tomorrow Fund which benefits children with cancer. (

The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, on Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 3pm. The Pats have a BYE week so you don’t have an excuse not to attend.

Tickets Now on Sale

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here and mailed to your home.

We are predicting an early sell out for this event

Buy now

How to Hire the Best Comedian for your Event

Hire a RI Comedy Hall of Fame Comedian
John Perrotta-RI Comedy Hall of Fame
Comedian John Perrotta for the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Hire the Right Comedian or Pay the Price

It’s easy to hire a stand up comedian for your event. Comedians are everywhere. They lurk in the shadows waiting for their not yet paid for IPhone 7’s to ring and be offered work. Facebook is full of stand up comedians, as are entertainment booking sites, such as GigSalad.

Just about every place you look, you’ll be able to find a stand up comedian. Finding a good stand up comedian, however, can be a challenge. You’ll need to do some research before handing over your money to just anyone with a cheap suit and a microphone.


Stand up comedians are not created equal.

There are no requirements necessary before referring to yourself as a stand up comedian. There are no special licenses or permits. You can perform at one show in front of four people and call yourself a comedian,or you can perform hundreds of shows over many years and call yourself a stand up comedian. That’s where the confusion comes in and that’s why doing some homework before you begin looking for your comedy entertainment will ensure you hire the very best talent for your event.

Comedian Rockin' Joe Hebert
Comedian Joe Hebert, owner of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Stand Up Comedian

1.) How long have you been performing stand up comedy?

If the comedian is your main entertainment for the evening, nothing less than 10 years of steady stand up work is an acceptable answer. (There are exceptions, of course, but 10 years is a good rule of thumb.)

2.) Do you have video I can look at so I can see if you’re a good fit for my event?

No video? No job.

3.) Can you provide references from people you’ve worked for in the past?

A no answer to this question should signal a red flag. Every comedian should be able to provide at least 5 references from satisfied customers.

4.) Can you work clean?

Depending on the event you are planning this is a crucial question. If you’re looking for someone to perform at your best friend’s bachelor party, you may not care if the comedian you’re considering can work clean. However, if you’re planning an event for your office, your church group or your Aunt Ethel’s 90th birthday party, you want a comedian who can work 100% clean. No cursing, no sex jokes and nothing that would embarrass you or your guests. If your comedian cannot work clean, I suggest you keep looking.

5.) Do you have an appropriate sound system?

This is such an important question, I’ve saved it for last. The comedian you hire MUST have a professional sound system, (Speakers, amp, microphones, stands) before you make an agreement. A sound system is usually the last thing a person thinks about before hiring a comedian and it’s one of the most important. A customer simply assumes a stand up comedian has their own PA system, much in the way you assume a plumber has his own wrench. Pros have their own sound system.


Money is a major consideration when hiring stand up comedians. Rates for stand up comedians can be all over the place. I’ve seen comedians ask for as little as $25 to as much as $1500.

What I do suggest, is starting with a budget in mind and working from there. As with most things, (and it’s especially true in stand up comedy), you get what you pay for. If you’re hiring for an important event, a lower price may sound attractive, but when it comes to showtime, you may wish you had paid extra for a true professional.

Questions About Hiring a Stand Up Comedian?

If you still have questions, (or are in need of a professional stand up comedian for your upcoming event) call Dana at the RI Comedy Hall of Fame: 401-261-3120.