Rhode Island Comedy Hall of Fame Members

What is the RI Comedy Hall of Fame?

The RI Comedy Hall of Fame was created in 2011 by comedian, Joe Hebert to honor those who have made significant contributions to Stand Up Comedy in the state. The RICHOF Gallery is located at the Park Theater and Events Center, inside the Comedy Park, 848 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI

All portraits in the RI Comedy Hall of Fame were created by Comedian/Artist Charlie Hall.

There are currently thirteen members in the RI Comedy Hall of Fame.

Charlie Hall (Photo: Frank O'Donnell)

Charlie Hall: Inducted March 31, 2012


John Perrotta for hire

John Perrotta: Inducted October 12, 2012

Comedian Tom Cotter

Tom Cotter: Inducted April 4, 2014

Frank O’Donnell: Inducted October 4, 2014

Doreen Collins-RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Doreen Collins: Inducted October 3, 2015

Ace Aceto-RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Ace Aceto: Inducted April 8, 2016

Mike Murray and Bill Simas of Funny 4 Funds

Funny 4 Funds: Inducted: November 6, 2016

Bobby Braciola

Bobby Braciola: Inducted November 13, 2021


Ruth Buzzi
The First Lady of RI Comedy, Ruth Buzzi.

Ruth Buzzi: Inducted February 24, 2022


Al Ducharme: Inducted July 23, 2022

Danny Smith

Danny Smith: Inducted February 11, 2023

Brian Deery RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Brian Deery: Inducted April 1, 2023

Poppy Champlin

Poppy Champlin: Inducted May 20, 2023






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Comedian and Hall of Fame Founder, Joe Hebert

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Any of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame Comedians (Or comedians endorsed by the RI Comedy Hall of Fame,) are available to hire. Contact: John Perrotta at 401-639-7726 and tell him you would like to book a RI Comedy Hall of Fame comedy show.