Poppy Champlin Inducted into the RI Comedy Hall of Fame, Honoring a Legendary Career


A Night of Laughter and Recognition as Poppy Champlin Secures Her Place Among RI’s Comedy Greats

Rhode Island’s comedy scene celebrated an unforgettable evening on Saturday, May 20, 2023, as RI comedian Poppy Champlin was officially inducted into the  Rhode Island Comedy Hall of Fame. With her impeccable wit, fearless stage presence, and remarkable contributions to the world of comedy, Champlin was honored for her outstanding achievements during a joyous and laughter-filled evening.

Poppy Champlin-RI Comedy Hall of Fame.
Poppy Champlin: Inducted into the RI Comedy Hall of Fame on May 20, 2023.

Held at the historic Park Theatre and Events Center, the induction ceremony showcased the tremendous impact Champlin has had on the comedy industry throughout her 42-year career. Champlin, a native of Narragansett, was warmly received by a packed house consisting of fellow comedians, friends, family, and dedicated fans who have supported her journey from the beginning.

Poppy and Mama Champlin
Poppy poses with her 90-year-old mother at her Hall of Fame induction.

Champlin’s comedic prowess has earned her recognition and admiration far beyond Rhode Island’s borders. Over the years, she has graced the stages of prestigious venues across the country.  Her infectious stage presence and magnetic personality have garnered her a dedicated fan base that spans generations.

During the induction ceremony, Champlin graciously accepted the honor, expressing her gratitude to the Rhode Island Comedy Hall of Fame for recognizing her contributions to the craft. In her acceptance speech, she paid tribute to her comedy influences, acknowledged her fellow comedians who have supported and inspired her, and thanked her family and friends for their unwavering support.

Host, Charlie Hall created a comedy atmosphere as only he can do.

The event was filled with heartfelt speeches, uproarious laughter, and fond memories shared by fellow comedians who took the stage to honor Champlin, such as Comedy Hall of Fame members, Charlie Hall, Doreen Collins, and John Perrotta.  The induction was performed by comedian and Hall of Fame Founder, Joe Hebert, who recalled seeing  Champlin perform in 1981, 4 years before starting his own comedy career.

Champlin’s induction into the Rhode Island Comedy Hall of Fame serves as a testament to her enduring legacy and remarkable achievements within the field. Her presence continues to inspire new comedians, particularly women, to embrace their authentic selves, challenge societal norms, and fearlessly pursue their comedic dreams.

At the end of the evening, Poppy did what she does best. She performed nearly an hour of kickass comedy. “Her performance was outstanding,” Hebert said. “I didn’t expect anything less.”

Poppy clowns around in front of her RI Comedy Hall of Fame caricature.

As the evening concluded, Champlin stood among the greats of Rhode Island comedy, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those in attendance. Her legacy as a gifted comedian, advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, and an influential figure in the world of comedy will undoubtedly inspire future generations of comedians to find their voice and make a difference through laughter.

Champlin performs before a packed house at her RI Comedy Hall of Fame Induction

Poppy Champlin’s induction into the Rhode Island Comedy Hall of Fame is a well-deserved recognition of her exceptional talent, significant contributions to comedy, and the immeasurable joy she has brought to audiences throughout her extraordinary career. As the laughter from this historic evening echoes through time, it will serve as a reminder of the lasting impact Champlin has made on the comedy world, forever solidifying her place among the comedic legends of Rhode Island.


Danny Smith Inducted into the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Danny Smith

The Family Guy Writer/Executive Producer’s Induction was Top Secret


The Park Theatre and Event Center in Cranston hosted a show of epic proportions on Saturday, February 11, 2023.

It was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Steve Smith & The Nakeds, recent inductees to the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame. Opening the show were Newport’s own The Cowsills and Smith’s younger brother Danny, executive producer of Fox’s Family Guy.

Part of the show was the induction of Danny Smith to the Rhode Island Comedy Hall of Fame for his Outstanding Contributions to Comedy in the Ocean State following his hour-long trip down comedy lane.

The induction was a stealth operation, arranged by SteveEd Brady, owner of the Park Theatre and Event Center, and Joe Hebert, founder of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame. “Steve wanted Danny’s induction to be a complete surprise,” said Hebert. “He was worried about it getting out to the media and spoiling it.”

Hebert called Hall of Fame member, Charlie Hall. He got to work, delivering an amazing portrait of Danny to add to the Hall of Fame Wall next door to the theatre at the Comedy Park. Hall does all the caricatures – including his own.

I asked RICHOF members, Frank O’Donnell (the body model for Family Guy’s Peter Griffin – still in litigation), Ace Aceto, and Charlie Hall to co-present the event,” said Hebert.

Danny was pleased with his induction, but after seeing his portrait quipped, “I’ve got to lose some weight.”

** ** **

You can visit the RI Comedy Hall of Fame, located in the Comedy Park, at the Historic Park Theatre and Event Center, 848 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI.

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Al Ducharme to be Inducted into the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Al Ducharme


Al Ducharme
Al Ducharme to be inducted into the RI Comedy Hall of Fame in July

Cranston Native to be Honored in July at The Comedy Park at the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Al Ducharme is a comedy powerhouse deemed “very funny” by Simon Cowell and “one of my favorite comedians” by Heidi Klum on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. His story telling style is one of a kind and his hilarious, relatable characters will draw you in and leave you wanting more. In fact, one of his stage characters inspired the creators of Bill Burr’s Netflix cult hit “F is For Family” to bring Ducharme on board as a series regular playing the wildly popular character Anthony. Other TV credits include “Gotham Comedy Live”, “Comics Unleashed”, NBC’s “Today Show”, hosting “Mission Organization” on HGTV and a long list of commercials.

Says Al:

“My first departure from the safety of my Rhode Island nest was in the summer of 1986. I moved to The Big Apple (New York City) to further pursue a comedy and acting career. My first bout with NYC lasted 4 years before moving to Boston in 1990 and then back to New York City in 1998 to 2011. I now reside with my lovely and talented comedian wife, Bernadette Pauley on the “wrong” coast (West Coast) Los Angeles, California. We literally have traveled the globe performing stand-up comedy together and separately. Including throughout the Middle East and mainland China and Hong Kong.” 

Joe Hebert, Comedian and Founder of the RI Comedy Hall of fame had this to say about the forthcoming iduction:

“Im very excited. I haven’t seen Al in years, and I’m looking forward to his homecoming. His induction is long overdue. Al has an extremely impressive resume and is a full time comedian working in LA. That alone is quite an achievement for a kid from Cranston. It’s going to by be an amazing evening.  I encourage  everyone, (especially you younger comics,) to attend this show and see exactly what you can achieve with a lot of hard work, and talent.”

Cranston Native, Al Ducharme returns to Rhode Island for his induction into the RI Comedy Hall of Fame at the Comedy Park, 848 Park Avenue Cranston, RI on Saturday, July 23, 2022. Performing with Al, is his wife, Bernadette Pauley and host for the event, Charlie Hall.

Show starts at 7pm.

Tickets: $20.00 $25.00 $30.00

Buy Tix Here



The RI Comedy Hall of Fame has Opened

Charlie Hall-RICHOF
RI Comedy Hall of Fame Wall
The RI Comedy Hall of Fame is now on display. (Artwork by Charlie Hall)

The Hall of Fame and Comedy Park are now Open

If you were at the Park Theater and Events Center, 848 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI, on Friday April 29, 2022, you witnessed something no comedy club in the country has ever attempted before. A comedy hall of fame for comedians who started it all in their state, city, or town.

RI Comedy Hall of Fame

The RI Comedy Hall of Fame was created by RI Comic Joe Hebert in 2011. Not having a physical location to hang portraits of those who came before him, Joe took his project to the web, (the site you’re on now,) where it’s served as a tribute to those comedians who have made significant contributions to the Ocean State.

The Inductions

RI Comedy Hall of Fame Roast
Charlie Hall, the first inductee into the RI Comedy Hall of Fame gets roasted on March 31, 2012

Charlie Hall, (The Ocean State Follies, Drink and Dabble, Aging Disgracefully) was the first comedian to be inducted into the HOF at the former Catch a Rising Star at Twin River Casino.

Charlie is about as OG as you can get when it comes to RI Comedy. With friend, Frank O’Donnell, (also a RICHOF member), he did a few comedy shows at the former Periwinkles Comedy Club, (located in the Providence Arcade Building) and owner, Mike Kent, asked them to do it again, and again, and again. Kent is responsible for opening the first comedy club in the state. Many of the HOF members first took the stage in that little hole in the wall.

Other Inductions for comedians, John Perrotta, Frank O’Donnell, Doreen Collins, Ace Aceto, Tom Cotter, Bobby Braciola, Funny 4 Funds, followed, and were held at various places in the state. Ruth Buzzi’s induction was virtual. The retired comedian resides in Texas.

The Comedy Hall of Fame Promise

bill simas and mike murray-F4F
The RI Comedy Hall of Fame Roast of Bill Simas and Mike Murray (Photo courtesy of RhodyBeat.com)

On November 6, 2016, Bill Simas and Mike Murray, founders of Funny4Funds.com were inducted into the Hall in front of a sold out show of 400 people at the Odeum Theater in East Greenwich, RI. At the end of the event, Simas promised he would find a permanent home for the RI Comedy Hall of Fame.  On April 29, 2022,  Bill Simas delivered. In fact, Simas over-delivered. With the help of Charlie Hall, he not only got us a HOF, but a Comedy Club to put it inside of inside the Park Theater and Events Center.  The owners, Ed Brady and Jeff Quinlan were immediately open to the idea. They love local.

Doreen Collins-RI Comedy Hall of Fame
Doreen Collins, the first woman to be inducted into the RI Comedy Hall of Fame poses outside the Comedy Park.

The First Show at the Comedy Park

Seven members of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame performed for a sold out show on April 29, 2022. Frank O’Donnell, Tom Cotter and Ruth Buzzi were unable to attend.

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Visit the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

The RI Comedy Hall of Fame is open whenever the Comedy Park is.  Visit TheComedyPark.com for their current schedule.

MORE Photos Coming Soon

If you have have photos you’ve taken of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame wall or at the Comedy Park, please email them to the RI Comedy Hall of Fame.

The RI Comedy Hall of Fame to Open at the Park Theater


Be a Part of the First Audience at the Comedy Park.

So excited to announce the Grand Opening of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame  on Friday, April 29, 2022, at 7:30PM (Doors at 6:30PM) with a comedy show performed by the members of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame. Appearing will be, Charlie Hall (who did the artwork for the Hall of Fame), Rockin’ Joe Hebert, John Perrotta, Doreen Collins,  Ace Aceto, Bobby Braciola & Bill Simas. 

Tickets are $25 and are available online, only.

We expect this show to sell out, so we encourage you to purchase early.

Do not miss this historic event! See you on the 29th!

Purchase Online