Dana Nathanson Joins RIHOF’s Board of Directors

Dana NathansonDana Nathanson joins RI Comedy Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors

RI Comedy Hall of Fame Founder, Joe Hebert announced this afternoon that former Comedy Connection Manager, Dana Nathanson has become the first member of the newly forming RICHOF Board of Directors.

The RI Comedy Hall of Fame has held 3 sold out shows since forming in 2011,” says Hebert. “It takes a lot of  smart, talented and organized individuals to run one of our events. The last show was the Tom Cotter  induction in April. When you deal with a national act like Cotter, you deal with his manager, his publicist, the press, etc. and you have to make sure everything goes perfectly and everyone is happy. The show was extremely successful, but afterward, I was exhausted. I decided to assemble a few trusted, knowledgeable people who know the comedy business to help keep me on track and use their talents and skills to help the HOF bring you bigger and better shows. Dana Nathanson was my first choice and I’m happy to say, she accepted.”

“I’ve known Dana for over 20 years, Hebert continued. To put it bluntly, She knows her shit. She was the full time manager at The Comedy Connection back in the day when I was working for them, The woman wore a zillion hats, She knows the business inside and out  and I’m extremely fortunate to have her at my right hand.

Who’s going to join Dana on the Board of Directors?

“I have some people in mind” says Hebert. “You’ll find out as soon as I do.”


Frank O’Donnell to Join The RI Comedy Hall of Fame


Comedy Hall of Famers Tom Cotter (l) and Frank O’Donnell (r) in April

Plans are already in the works for The RI Comedy Hall of Fame’s Induction of Frank O’Donnell, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at a venue yet to be announced.

O’Donnell will be honored by the RICHOF for his outstanding contributions to comedy in RI with a roast in his honor.

Rhode Island Loves Tom Cotter


Tom Cotter on 4-4-14 at The Comedy Connection, East Providence (Photo by Frank O’Donnell)

Cotter Show Completely Sold Out

The verdict is in. Rhode Island loves Tom Cotter.

Providence native, Tom Cotter (runner up on America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, etc) was honored for his outstanding contributions to stand up comedy by The RI Comedy Hall of Fame, at a sold out show, consisting of family, friends and fans at The Comedy Connection in East Providence.

I created the RI Comedy Hall of Fame in 2011 to honor the state’s comedy elite.” said comedian, Joe Hebert. “I’m not alone when I say that Cotter more than meets the criteria.”


A grateful Tom Cotter accepts his Hall of Fame Trophy L-R Tom Cotter, Vanessa Rosa, Rockin’ Joe Hebert and Charlie Hall. (Photo by Frank O’Donnell)

“You’d never know it from his act”. Hebert joked, “but Cotter is the most generous, humble and grateful comic in the business. He deserves every good thing that comes his way.  He’s the hottest comedian in the country and he did the Hall of Fame a gigantic favor by appearing at this show.  He was in New York on Wednesday, San Diego on Thursday and got into Providence early Friday morning, with plans to leave for Hawaii early the next day.”


Charlie Hall kicks things off at The RICHOF Induction of Tom Cotter

The show got underway shortly after 8pm, when comedian, Charlie Hall, the first inductee into The Comedy Hall of Fame, (March 2012) took the stage. Hall entertained the audience with  hilarious memories of Tom’s beginnings at Periwinkles Comedy Club at the start of his career in 1987. Hall (who Cotter refers to as his mentor) emceed the event at Cotter’s request.

“Charlie was the one who brought comedy to  RI”, said Hebert.  He’s a great emcee, a true pro and an old friend and I hope to see him host many more of these events. If there were such a thing as a Comedy Mafia in RI, Charlie would be the Don.”


Hall of Fame Member and ACI Correctional Officer, John Perrotta takes no prisoners on stage. (Photo by Frank O’Donnell)

After Hall’s opening set, he introduced Cotter’s feature act, Cranston native, John Perrotta. Perrotta (a Correctional Officer at the ACI and the second inductee into the RI Comedy Hall of Fame in 2012) took the stage and immediately began his rapid fire comedy assault on the audience. “Perrotta”, Hebert explains, “doesn’t have an act. John is like a tornado. He strikes with little warning, kicks your ass and before you know it, he’s gone. That’s what John does and that’s why he’s a HOF member.”


Cotter’s wife of 13 years, Kerri Louise Cotter makes a surprise appearance (photo by Frank O’Donnell)

Next up? Cotter’s wife of 13 years, national headlining comedian, Kerri Louise Cotter.

“I had no idea she would be there. It was a complete surprise”, explains Hebert. “What do you do when you have Kerri Louise Cotter at your show? You get her onto the stage. ”

“Kerri has a phenomenal stage presence,” Hebert says, “You can really see it if you watch one of her videos from  Last Comic Standing. She makes use of the real estate.”  She owns the stage and she’s extremely charismatic. If she started a cult, I’d join immediately, empty my bank accounts and sell flowers at the airport. She’s so funny.

Tom’s better half spent the next 10 minutes mocking The RI Comedy Hall of Fame and her famous husband. The audience loved her.


Charlie Hall (l) and Tom Cotter (r) share the love at Cotter’s Hall of Fame Induction (Photo by Frank O’Donnell)

Cotter Kills

When the guest of honor was introduced, the room went insane. The gracious Cotter stood before his audience, visibly embarrassed at the outpouring of love, applause, and cheers from both old and new friends as he accepted his trophy. “Thank you” Cotter said. “I’m honored”

Then Tom Cotter did what Tom Cotter does. He took the crowd on a 45 minute vacation from reality.

“Tom’s jokes are quick and brilliant and you don’t have to be a MENSA member to understand them, explains Hebert.  “Cotter is highly skilled in the area of misdirection.  Just when you think he’s taking you here, he takes you over there instead. Then he drops you off a mile away. You’re never sure where he’s going to lead you, but you know it’s going to be fun.”

After Cotter left the stage, he spent the next 45 minutes greeting fans, snapping photos and distributing hugs and handshakes all over.

Hebert says, “The night was a complete success. This is a show that people will remember for a long, long time. The Hall of Fame could not have made a better choice than Tom Cotter. It was without a doubt the comedy event of the year.”

Our next ceremony? Join us Saturday, October 4, 2014 as The RI Comedy Hall of Fame inducts comedian, Frank O’Donnell with a roast in his honor.




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