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Music Mystery and Mayhem

The Perfect Comedy Show for Your Fundraiser


Why settle for a regular comedy show when you can hire Music, Mystery and Mayhem? Rockin’ Joe Hebert, The Prince of Mystery and John Perrotta have joined forces to bring you a spectacular comedy show perfect for your fundraiser or other event.

The downside to hiring any comedians is, you never know quite know who you’re getting. You could be hiring amateurs , or perhaps dirty comics. The problem is, you usually won’t know until the show starts. You’ve worked hard to put on a great show and gather a money-making audience. Don’t leave things to chance.  I’ve received calls from several groups and sports teams, disappointed with the comedians sent to them by other fundraising companies. These groups are usually hesitant to hold another comedy night and I don’t blame them. The main complaints?  “They weren’t funny, they were too  dirty or, they were too expensive.”

What is Music, Mystery and Mayhem?


Comedian Rockin' Joe Hebert

Rockin’ Joe Hebert

Rockin’ Joe Hebert has been making audiences laugh for over 30 years.  When Joe takes the stage, be prepared for high energy, rapid fire stand up comedy, followed by an assortment of hilarious tunes, guaranteed to never leave your head. Joe’s ability to ruin your favorite songs has made him one of the most requested acts in Southern New England. Joe is also the founder and roast master general of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame.


The Prince of Mystery

The Prince of Mystery

The Prince of Mystery is a magician or maybe a comedian. Perhaps he’s both. We’re really not certain. One thing he definitely is? Weird. But, this Massachusetts native is also hilarious and he’s had all his shots, so don’t worry about catching anything. The Prince of Mystery’s act is a must see, as describing it would be impossible.


Comedian John Perrotta

John Perrotta

What’s a show without a little mayhem? John Perrotta doesn’t require a stage. He prefers to be unleashed upon your audience right in the crowd. John doesn’t have an act, but he has a great deal of issues and prefers to work them out , not in front of your audience, but in the middle of it. John moves  from table to table, person to person like a tornado, destroying everything in his path, leaving you laughing for hours afterward. John has performed at the exclusive NYC Friar’s Club and recently opened up for international stand up sensation, Bill Burr.

Hire Music, Mystery and Mayhem today. This 90-100 minute comedy show consists of three extremely professional and  diverse comedians with over a hundred years of experience between them.

You bring the audience and we’ll bring the jokes and professional sound equipment.

Call 401-390-7547 and hire Music, Mystery and Mayhem today

NOTE: The Music, Mystery and Mayhem video is on the way.

Benefit Comedy Show for the Tori Lynn Andreozzi Foundation

Tori Lynn Andreozzi Foundation

Benefit Comedy Show for the Tori Lynn Andreozzi Foundation

Join the comedians from John Perrotta’s Comedy Factory on Sunday, May 19, 2019, for a very special comedy fundraiser show for the Tori Lynn Andreozzi Foundation, to be held at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 475 Sandy Lane, Warwick RI at 3pm. Appearing at the show will be local favorites, Coleen Galvin, The Prince of Mystery, John Perrotta and Rockin’ Joe Hebert.


Tickets are just $20 and can be purchased by calling Cathy Andreozzi at 401-480-2277


Comedy Night Fundraisers

Hire a RI Comedy Hall of Fame Comedian
Charlie Hall of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame
Charlie Hall of the RI Comedy Hall of Fame

Raise Money for your Cause with a RICHOF Comedy Show

Rhode Island has a couple of great choices when it comes to choosing a company for your group’s comedy night fundraiser. One of those options is to hire The RI Comedy Comedy Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame, (in conjunction with John Perrotta’s Comedy Factory), will put together a fantastic comedy show for your fundraiser, using a lineup of hilarious, experienced, professional comedians who will help you achieve your fundraising goals. We’ve been booking comedy fundraisers for over 25 years.

A Professional Comedy Night Fundraiser

Each 90 minute comedy  fundraiser show includes 3 pro comedians, and a top of the line Bose sound system. We will also assist you with your raffles at the end of the show.

Trust The RI Comedy Hall of Fame to provide top notch entertainment for your event. Call 401-390-7547