Booking Comedians for Any Occasion

Charlie Hall, Doreen Collins and Ace Aceto
Charlie Hall, Doreen Collins, and Ace Aceto are just three of the many comedians available to hire from the RI Comedy Hall of Fame.

The RI Comedy Hall of Fame is Open

It’s great to see everything opening up once again and the RI Comedy Hall of Fame is ready to book your next comedy show or fundraiser.

Our RI comics are the best of the best and available for any occasion.

It looks like it will be a busy Fall ahead, so early booking is encouraged.

Call Dana Nathanson now at 401-261-3120 for more information.

Perfect for your Comedy Fundraiser

Music, Magic Mayhem


Music, Mystery & Mayhem

Rockin’ Joe Hebert,  The Prince of Mystery, and John Perrotta have never been what you may call cookie cutter comics. However, they have solid on-stage chemistry and love working together. The three performers have packaged their own 90 minute, high energy, freak show, especially for fundraisers, group functions and other events. It’s called Music, Mystery and Mayhem and they’re available now,

Call 401-261-3120